Hitting the Road v 2.1

After heading back to Las Vegas and doing the rodeo of RV swapping, we returned the rental and got the Sew Together Tuesday bus back. Phew! It’s amazing how much stuff can get squirreled away but it took us a whole day to get everything into its home. 

We’ve been living in the rental RV for three weeks, with its slightly different layout and more abundant cupboard space and I learned there were a few things I wanted to do differently. I picked up a bunch of storage containers for food stuff that all fit together neatly. Only a day in, I’m pretty sure this system is going to work better than the mish-mash stack of bags and boxes that we had before. It’s a constant evolution, for sure. 

Mid-afternoon, we left the KOA and headed south to visit Hawke’s cousin. She’s been home sick with this damn COVID, so we brought a bunch of food and passed on Hawke’s beloved Yeti cooler, knowing that she could make better use of it than we could.  

The desert skies are amazing and tonight’s view did not disappoint. Streaked with yellow and orange, interlaced with periwinkle wisps of clouds, it was as beautiful as ever. Joshua trees were silhouetted and things feel like they are moving back toward their rightful place, slowly. 

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