Farewell, Los Angeles

We arrived back in Los Angeles after the last tour at the end of September, knowing that if we wanted to do more Sew Together Tuesday on the Road, we were going to have to get rid of our LA loft. The space has been wonderful for us, but being on the road for months at a time meant we were paying storage fees that was couched as rent. And in the big city, that’s a lot to pay to house your belongings. Between that and the fact that so many of the quilt shops I’ll be teaching at are east of the Rockies, it makes little sense to pay for a home base on the west coast.

So this past couple weeks, we planned our next leg of the tour and packed all of our belongings into a storage pod, then watched it drive away to be stored for the next six months, a year, two years from now … we’ll see when we are ready for another pivot.

I’ve been in this amazing space at the Brewery Artist Lofts for four years and Hawke has been with me here for three–we’ve loved it and filled it with all the things that make us happy.

When we first started talking about doing this, it all seemed so simple, but the reality of packing up a house is far from simple and it was a doozy of a couple weeks. But we did it and the storage pod is filled to the brim waiting for us. We’re heading to Portland to see my family for a week, then finishing preparations for 2022 Sew Together Tuesday–On The Road. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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