White Sands National Park [New Mexico]

From Tucson, AZ our next real stop is Houston, TX so there’s a lot of ground to cover in between. We figured we’d make the most of the route and stop at a few fun places, the first being White Sands National Park just outside Alamagordo, NM.

It is absolutely surreal with 275 square miles of white gypsum sand, basically as far as we could see in any direction. It looks like snow, but feels like extra fine sand. The locals apparently use it like snow, though and we saw snowboarders (sandboarders?) and lots of folks, of all ages, sledding down the hills.

There are plenty of warning signs about what to do if you get lost, which kind of unnerved me, but walking around I can see exactly how that happens.

Driving over the compacted sand was easy enough and while we didn’t do it, we certainly saw folks driving all sorts of vehicles out there, including a few extra brave RVers.

We had a fun, if brief visit to White Sands, then continued on through Alamagordo and Roswell on our way to the Carlsbad KOA–the real hightlight of our drive to Texas.

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