Red Rock State Park [Arizona]

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s good to have some alone time. The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that our work RV broke down and we had to live in a rental vehicle. Sigh. It’s felt a bit like putting out one fire after another with so little time for actual desk-work. When we got to finally pull in to this week’s campsite, it felt like such a relief.  The RV had made it and we don’t have to move it for seven full days—glory be, let’s get some things accomplished.  

Despite it being Saturday and what is technically supposed to be a day off, we pulled out the hotspot and computers and settled in for a few hours of updates and emails. Then I said screw it, I’m off to spend some time in nature. 

I visited the Red Rock State Park near Sedona, Arizona when I was in the area a few years ago, but I’d had to hurry to get back to the next class I was teaching so I couldn’t explore much. This time I took my time and wondered back to the House of Apache Fire and along a number of trails through the park. 

It’s all just phenomenally beautiful and perfect for a little “commune with nature” afternoon.

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